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Engineering Services

Getting the AST engineering team involved early in your design process will streamline your product launches. With Autodesk and Solid Edge software, AST is able to accept many 3D file types.

In providing solutions to your prototyping needs, we’ve added the ability to provide you with a 3D printed resin part in less than 3 days, a machined steel part in 14 days or less and solid powder metal blanks in 10 days or less.

Design Considerations

  • Wall thickness should not be less than 0.060” or 1.5mm
  • Length to wall thickness ratio should be no greater than 8:1
  • Gears are well suited to the powder metal process up to AGMA 6
  • Diameter tolerances of +/- .0015 “(in/in) can generally be held without machining.
  • Features perpendicular to the pressing motion can be easily manufactured.
  • Chamfer part edges to avoid breaks
  • Avoid sharp corners and feathered edges.
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